Yoga for Pregnant Women

Yoga has always been proclaimed to be an exercise suitable for everybody without regard to the physical condition the person is in. Anybody can do yoga, children, young people, senior people, men and women everybody. What about pregnant women?

Yoga is a great exercise for women who are pregnant and there are a host of pregnancy safe yoga poses that you can perform when pregnant. The exercises are not only perfectly safe, but also highly beneficial. Doing yoga during pregnancy would regulate the blood pressure of the pregnant woman, increases the flexibility of the body and specially the pelvic muscles, provide higher energy levels and relieves stress. Yoga also teaches the woman control over breathing which is so very important during childbirth.

Yoga during pregnancy Regular yoga classes can prepare the pregnant woman both mentally and physically for the pregnancy as well as the childbirth. The yoga exercises involve stretching of the body muscles that would be used in childbirth, which when done regularly over the period of pregnancy would greatly reduce the labor pain and make the childbirth easy and almost effortless.

Pregnancy safe yoga also improves blood circulation and oxygenation which in turn help both the mother-to-be and her fetus. There are special yogic mudras and bandhas (gestures or body positions roughly translated) that directly affects the reproductive organs and prepares the body both for the pregnancy as well as childbirth.

The breathing exercises help the mother-to-be to relax and control the labor as well as her own anxiety levels. It is often seen that women develop high blood pressure during pregnancy. They also suffer from wild mood swings owing to the onslaught of the hormones released in the body due to the pregnancy. Yoga helps regulate the blood pressure and mood swings through simple asanas (postures) and breathing exercises. It also helps in keeping the mother to be calm and well rested at night.

Yoga relieves all kinds of stress and allows the mother to be to concentrate on planning things for the newcomer instead of fighting with depression and anxiety bouts. Towards the end of the pregnancy most women experience oedema and reflux and are unable to eat or sleep well because the bay presses hard on all the surrounding organs. Yoga helps here as well. With simple yoga exercises the oedema which is due the constriction of blood flow is reduced. Digestion, appetite and sleep are improved with yoga as well.

The benefits of yoga for pregnant women do not end here. Women who have done yoga regularly during pregnancy would find that they could recover much faster from childbirth than those who do not. The post partum depression is less if at all and the new mother experiences less anxiety bouts or other symptoms related to childbirth due to yoga.

As regards fitness, the woman would feel full of energy during the pregnancy period as well as after the child birth. Her body shrinks back faster and she regains her figure much faster when doing yoga regularly.

To summarize, yoga is an excellent input for pregnant women because it brings all round benefits mental, physical and psychological. It helps the mother to be to relax, relieve stress and also prepare her body for the imminent child birth. Not limited to the pregnancy period yoga also help the new mother to cope with the post-partum depression and brings the body back into shape in shortest possible time.