Yoga Techniques to Get Rid of Menstural Pain

Yoga is an very ancient method of exercising your body and mind towards achieving complete internal and external balance and health. The exercises unlike the ones you are used to do in a gym, are not strenuous; rather they are all about bringing the body into certain postures called asanas. Each of these postures affect one or other part of the body coaxing it into performing optimally and hence removing any malfunctioning causes.

Yoga And Menstruation Pain Relief

Yoga has an answer for any type of ailment that human beings suffer from. Some are easy and some not so easy however, if these asanas are done correctly and regularly, the cure from the diseases is completely guaranteed. When it comes to menstruation, yoga can and has remedy. The asanas that help relieving the pain have to be done before or after the menstrual cycle as yoga is rarely practiced during menstruation. Some of the postures that can bring relief are briefly discussed below:

1. Standing yoga postures there are postures that are required to be done standing such as the Trikonasana (Triangle posture) with its variations called Pavritta trikonasana and Utthita parvakonasana are extremely helpful. These postures increase the flow of the blood in the lower abdomen and massage the reproductive organs removing all cases of malfunction and hence relieving the pain.

2. Sitting yoga postures the standing postures can be complemented further by the sitting style postures such as Bhada Konasana (Large Angle), the Malasana (Garland Posture) and the Kurmasana (Tortoise Posture) which relax the massage the lower back muscles while at the same time help in the toning of the muscles of the lower abdomen. Especially beneficial for menstrual spasms and menstrual cramps is the Suptabada Konasana which also helps in relieving the burning sensation associated with urinary infections.

Then there is the Vajrasana which concentrates on the pelvic muscles and immediately upwards muscles. Besides strengthening these muscles, it also brings about a calming effect. This is good when the pain is due to the malfunctioning of the ovary and the other reproductive organs. Complementing this posture are the cat posture which is called that way because it involves a complete arching of the back very similar to what cats do when challenged by some danger. This prevents menstrual disorders and corrects the position of the uterus.

The cat posture can be followed by the dog posture and then to the camel postures which aim at toning the back muscles and strengthening of the reproductive organs. These postures push the blood into the pelvic region and thereby release the tension over the area.

Another posture that you could do while sitting is the Ardha Matsyaendrasana (Half-Spinal Twist) which tones the uterine muscles and relieves the pain during menstruation.

3. Bending yoga postures though pending postures are not advisable during periods, some can help relieve the pain if done moderately. For example, the Chakarasana (Wheel posture) and the Dhanuranasana (Bow posture) should never be done while the periods are on but if practiced before it can combat some of the pre-menstrual symptoms such as irritation and depression.

In this manner you could choose and practice some of the yoga postures depending upon what exactly is your problem, and enjoy total relief from menstruation pain.