Yoga Poses to Cure Common Cold

Common cold is a very irritating affliction which bothers people all the time. Since the germs of common cold are everywhere it is very difficult for anyone to really immunize themselves against it. You could get from someone sneezing next to you on the subway or from eating an unwashed fruit, or from a hot dog which passed through the hands of a person suffering from cold or even from a simple handshake.

The symptoms always vary – some are similar to allergies with runny nose, cough and watery eyes and some are with more severe symptoms such as high fever, body aches and total fatigue. The common cold is caused by rhino and corona viruses which are found almost everywhere you could think about. One great way to stop the infection from getting to you is to take care that you never put your hands to your face (eyes, nose or mouth where the bacteria could get into the body through its mucus).

How does yoga help combat common cold?

There is no such ailment that cannot be helped in some way or other by yoga. It is said that there are asanas and pranayams (breathing exercises) that can reverse the worst there is. Common cold is actually nothing so serious after all. As it is yoga generally always boosts the immune system. Besides, there are a number of asanas that particularly help with controlling the symptoms of common cold. One of the most popular asanas for this purpose is the Bhastrika Asana.

What is the Bhastrika Asana?

The Bhastrika asana is specially good for increasing the oxygen intake in the body. This is basically a breathing exercise whereby you take in air, keep it in for about 30 seconds and then it is exhaled through the nostrils. For asthma patients the time gap should not exceed 20 seconds. Caution: You should never ever try any asana unless you have discussed it with a certified guru (yoga teacher) who would tell you which particular asana is good for you and how exactly it is to be done.

This asana needs to be done for only 5-10 minutes everyday and the benefits that it brings to your body is,

(i) it oxygenates the body
(ii) it cures asthma and lung infection
(iii) it energizes the body
(iv) removes toxins from the body
(v) it improves the body’s immunity system.

There are other asanas such as bow posture, corpse posture or cat posture which also contribute to checking your cold.

Other yogic asanas that are extremely helpful to control and reverse the symptoms of common cold are Ustasana, yogamudra, pratipaksabavana, viparitakarani and so many such others. What you need to do is to visit your neighborhood yoga center and find out what would be the best for you.

On the positive side all the asanas (postures) that are needed for curing cold and checking the symptoms need to take only 5 or 10 minutes of your time per day – and that it exceptionally good for people who are not very fond of exercising and stuff like that.