Gentle Yoga for Lower Back Pain and Bad Backs

- by Rana K. Williamson

People who deal with lower back pain, bad backs and other forms of spinal injury face an uncomfortable and potentially disabling condition. The spinal column is a vital part of the body that supports the trunk while protecting the spinal cord and nerves and aiding in posture and fluid movement. It is now a matter of conventional wisdom among back care professionals that yoga exercises for lower back pain problems and other spinal cord-related issued can reduce pain and even heal injuries when executed correctly.

Start Slow After a Proper Evaluation

As a matter of common sense, anyone who suffers from persistent problems with the lower back should be assessed by a back care professional before beginning a program of yoga for lower back relief. yoga for back Some positions, including both backward and forward bends and unilateral movements like the Tree Pose of Warrior 3 calling for single-leg balancing can actually worsen back conditions. The same is true of some deep, standing positions.

It is important when selecting a program of yoga for lower back pain to begin at a low level of intensity, increasing the difficulty and duration of the exercise over time with stretches and poses that strengthen the spine and increase its range of motion. If, at any point, a pose causes pain, discontinue or modify the pose.

Yoga Poses for Back Pain

Although it is highly recommended that beginners staring to do gentle yoga for lower back, seek the guidance of a professional instructor before beginning a program of yoga for lower back exercises, some poses that are effective include:

Other yoga postures that can help strengthen the back and increase its flexibility include:

Additionally, an excellent reference book is "Relief is in the Stretch: End Lower Back Pain Through Yoga" by Loren M. Fishman.

Yoga exercises for low back pains has proven to be both a curative and a preventive regimen for back care. Even if you do not suffer from lower back pain at this time, remember that the condition is more prevalent in women than in men and often comes on in middle age. By incorporating back strengthening yoga poses into your health care and exercise routine now, you should be able to avoid or greatly lessen the extent to which you must deal with lower back issues in the future.