The Yoga Oil Massage and Oil bath Technique

Though not proven scientifically, taking oil bath at-least twice a week (Wednesday and Saturday or any other day which is convenient) helps the body and mind remain hale and healthy. Our body is like any running machinery and oil is said to act as a form of lubrication.

Oil bath may be taken during early morning hours using gingelly oil (or Olive oil). The gingelly oil before applying to body and head may be heated slightly for a second or two. Oil may be applied from head to toe and smooth massage can be done from head to toe thereafter. Wait for 15 to 30 minutes before taking bath. At the time of bathing one can use a regular shampoo for the head and normal bath soap for the body. If possible, one can also consider using herbal hair wash powder (instead of shampoo) for the head and body mixed with lemon to remove the oil.

Meditation can be practiced immediately after gingelly oil bath and after drying your hair and body thoroughly. Peace of mind ensues at the time of meditation when practiced after oil massage and oil bath.

Taking regular gingelly oil bath may reduce your blood pressure besides keeping your body healthy. However, one should avoid sleeping after oil bath during day time. Oil bath also helps one get sound sleep at night so you feel rejuvenated the next morning.