Hatha Yoga Poses for Hypertension and Stress Management

Statistics about yoga stress management prove beyond doubt that yoga can be used as an effective therapy to fight stress related problems like blood pressure. High Blood pressure is a risk for both heart disease and stroke. It directly increases the risk of heart disease. High BP is a risk for heart disease because the heart is working harder than normal thus putting the heart and arteries under a great strain. In healthy persons according to medical professionals BP increases from about 80/45 in infants, to about 120/80 at age of 30 to about 140/85 at age 40 and above. Blood pressure increases with age because the arteries loose elasticity.

yoga for hypertensionIf the blood pressure increase and remain above normal, one has to follow strict medical advice and take prescribed medicines by medical professional. However, taking medicines alone is not enough to manage one's High BP condition. Those who are affected by High BP should change their life style in their day to day activities. Those who are affected by high Bp may have to give-up smoking if they are a regular smoker, may have to reduce their alcohol intake, reduce salt in their food and avoid taking red meat etc as may be suggested by the physician.

Yoga and Meditation helps greatly in keeping one's Bp under control who are suffering from Blood pressure/hypertension. Doctor's suggest walking is the best exercise for BP patient. However, besides walking one can practice certain simple yoga exercises such as bend your body and touch your toe; strech your body in both ways, rotate your arms both clockwise and anti clockwise, Lie down and lift both your legs to certain high level position, touch your toes in a sitting position bending your body keeping your legs straight etc. These are minor and warm-up like yoga exercises, one can practice easily on daily basis. These exercises may be helpful to those who don't have enough time during morning or in the evening hours for other yoga exercises and walking.

After certain easy exercises and after bathing one can try to practice meditation for 10 to 15 minutes focusing their concentration on one point or object .During such Meditation one can chant OM or any other blissful words such as OM SHANTI ETC.

Daily practice of such exercises and Meditation will help in maintaining your blood pressure and hypertension to normal level.

Stress Management Yoga Postures

Hatha yoga is the best type of yoga posture for stress management and to get relief from hyper tension. This is also a easy yoga to eliminate tension and is the best of all yoga execises for high blood pressure. The best yoga hathasasans therapy for hypertension are:

Balasana Instructions for Stress Management:

Balasana is one of the best known Yoga relaxation and meditation which has helped many get maximum relief from hypertension leading to high blood pressure. Balasana is also one of the best yoga for hypertension.

child pose for hypertension balasana for blood pressure

Procedure to perform Balasana:

Stay in this pose for about five to six minutes while taking deep breaths.

Savasana Instructions:

The following steps instruct you on how to perform savasana. savasana for stress relief

Procedure to perform Savasana Yoga for Hypertension:

Makarasana Yoga Instructions for Hypertension:

yoga crocodile lose for stress relief Makar means crocodile and hence this yoga asana is also know as the crocodile pose. This is one of the best yoga poses for stress.

Continue deep breating and stay in this position for around five to ten minutes before getting up slowly. How this yoga reduces stress is by relaxing your entire body from head to toe.