Simple Yoga Exercises You can Do Anytime You are Free

Yoga asana can be better practiced from adult hoods. Though, there are various forms of asana and yoga related exercises, most of the people are not able to practice Yoga, mainly due to non-availability of time. Particularly those who are living in urban areas and are in various service related industries. Though, it is always advisable to seek the expert advice and guidance to learn and practice Yoga, most of them unable to do so for reasons explained above. Those people who do not have adequate time to visit regular yoga classes, may try to learn certain asana and exercises either through periodicals or through internet or visit yoga classes may be once a week to learn main and necessary forms of Yoga in order to practice at Home.

At home we can also practice simple Yoga exercises in the early morning and in empty stomach. We can choose a room which has windows and properly ventilated or in open balcony where there is no disturbances of any kind, very neat and clean. There are several Yoga exercises with each one related to our various body parts. Regular such exercises can keep your blood pleasure and sugar level under control besides maintaining a healthy body. Some of those easy exercises are:

  • Bend your body and touch your feet without bending your legs.

  • Stretch your arms forward and back.

  • Roll your arms clockwise and anti clock-wise.

  • Do push-ups.

  • Do skipping.

  • Bend your knees.

  • These are some of the minor and easy exercises and there are many other Yoga exercises which, one has to learn first and do it accordingly.