The Yoga Diet - What Should You Be Eating

If you have planned to take up yoga, then you will also have to take up the yoga diet that consists of integral yoga natural foods. Yoga diet involves eating at the right time in the right propotions, the right kind of food that would give you all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Yoga Diet Chart

yoga diet chart
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The body needs food containing for the right balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins minerals and salts. Water is needed to help digestion and assimilation. Food in the form of Nourishment is finally assimilated in various forms throughout the body. Do not eat when emotionally disturbed. While dining, talk well and eat wisely. Moderate and nourishing food is essential to maintain vigour, strength and alertness. Avoid fasting

Principles of yoga wholefood diet suggests that diet must also be regulated. Vegetarians can carry on with their usual food reducing excess spices, oily and rich foods. These things can be reduced gradually and whenever possible eliminate completely once and for all.

All kinds of Non-vegetarian food like meat, eggs and fish must be totally avoided So also alcohol drinks. Freshly cooked vegetables, freshly cooked foods, plenty of fruits and milk are the best foods for practicing yoga.

By moderation in eating and resting, by regular working hours and by the right balance Between sleeping and working, yoga destroys all pain and sorrow. Yoga is working wisely and living a skilful active life in harmony and moderation.